Weddings Bouquets

Round, hand-tied bouquets have been the rave the past few years and are only growing in popularity.Brides now have freedom in their color choices and are not restricted to the traditional all-white bridal bouquets of the past. Roses are still a favorite and look great mixed with other flowers such as: hydrangea or lilac.

Bridesmaid bouquets have become very popular, most running between 4-6″ in diameter. It is our suggestion that the bridesmaid’s bouquets be wrapped in satin, leaving the stems visible – a very nice, fresh look.

The bridesmaid’s bouquet can, but does not need to match the Bride’s exactly. It is a good idea, however, to have some common thread running between the two. I.e.: a color, a flower, the shape, or the style.

Tussie mussies have made a grand reappearance. These beautiful silver bouquet holders have taken the place of the traditional lapel corsage for mother’s. Bridesmaids are also carrying them to create an astoundingly elegant look. Note: Tussie Mussies make great keepsakes.

Brides want their flowers to be beautiful but different. They want to stand out in the crowd. Try adding flowering herbs, berries or fruit to your hand-tied bouquet.

For a more formal look… have your bridal bouquet stems completely covered with satin. Finish the look by tying the bouquet off with a bow, or securing the satin wrap with pearl-tipped pins. Very chic.

Rose boutonnieres are always popular, but brides are stepping out and having fun with unusual flowers and/or items. Berries, acorns, flowering herbs, muscari and rananculas are just a few examples. Try satin wrapping the boutonnieres for an extra touch.

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