Preparing and Dry Wrapping Roses

When a rose stem is cut, a bubble of air is pulled into the stem. This air must be removed by cutting the stem under warm water. A small droplet of water hangs on the cut end, so you can safely move the stem to another container.

Conditioning Roses for Refrigeration:

• Hybrid Teas. Cut when 1/2 open or a little less.
• Miniatures. Cut single or sprays straight across.
• Remove foliage 3 inches from bottom and place stem in container of hot tap water.
• Recut stem under water at an angle, removing 1/2 inch of the stem. Let stand in water 30-40 minutes.*
• Wipe stem end dry. Dip in wax. Use either a candle or a container of hot wax.
• Place roses in container to protect them. Use a freezer bag for miniatures, a round cylinder tube for hybrid teas.**
• Refrigerate at 34-38 degrees Fahrenheit. I have left mine in the refrigerator for as long as 16 days.
• Remove from refrigerator as needed. Cut stems at an angle under water, then place in a vase. They may be placed in hot water to bring them back fast. It’s one of the points you need to have in wedding flowers check-list.

After cutting from the bush, all cuts will be under water. Use sharp shears. Refrigerate at 34 -38 degrees F.

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