Brother Peacock Orchid

In 1992, Brother Orchid Nursery registered the cross of P. Paifang’s Queen and P. Golden Peoker as Phal. Brother Peacock. The resulting hybrid produced flowers different from Black Orchids – that varied greatly in size, flatness, floriferousness and with widely varying amounts of blotching. However, overall, the resulting flowers were fairly round, white spotted with red. To date, there are only 12 registered hybrids made with P. Brother Peacock but these 12 hybrids have already made their mark and it is rapidly becoming apparent that several of them may soon be candidates for the Phalaenopsis Hall of Fame as very important stud plants.

Most of the P. Brother Peacock hybrids were made with the ‘B#1’ clone. The flowers are large, they are relatively flat for this type of breeding and they are intensely colored. It is regrettable that we are living in a world of disposables, where today’s stud plant is used and then discarded. We believe that P. Brother Peacock is capable of producing many more exceptional progeny and we will continue to use it. The ‘B#11’ clone has recently been made widely available. It has a much starker color contrast: all the red spotting and blotching is around the column and the outer half of the petals and sepals are pure paper white. We shall also incorporate this clone into our breeding program. Both a remake of P. Brother Utopia (Golden Peoker ‘Brother’ AM/AOS x P. Brother Peacock ‘B#11’) and two new, unregistered hybrid (Misty Green ‘Brother’ x P. Brother Peacock ‘B#11’ and P. Ho’s French Fantasia ‘La Flora’ x P. Brother Peacock ‘B#11’) were made using the ‘B#11’ clone.

Few of the P. Brother Peacock hybrids have never made it to North America as seedlings with the exception of P. Bedford Peacock (x P. Brother Brungor), which was made here, but, in addition to those offspring discussed below, some plants obviously did make it here since there are awarded plants of two hybrids of P. Brother Peacock, P. Brother Utopia (x P. Golden Peoker – a backcross) and P. Harvest Time (x P. venosa). Very recently, Phal. Sogo Buddha ‘T.B.’ has become available. It is the parent of Phal. Sogo Thomas and we believe that its potential has hardly been tapped.

In this commentary, we shall concentrate on three P. Brother Peacock hybrids: P. Brother Delight (x P. Chiayi Spot), P. Brother Fancy (x P. Brother Grape) and P. Super Stupid (x P. Brother Yew) and their offspring. All three represent tight linebreeding on P. Paifang’s Queen as each has P. Paifang’s Queen as a double grandparent.

Of the three hybrids, P. Brother Delight (x P. Chiayi Spot) is the only one that has no awarded clones. There are just over a handful of hybrids made with P. Brother Delight but these include several that are exceptional. Two clones have been used in breeding to date. Originally, the ‘B#1’ clone was used. The flowers are flat, full and nicely marked. But when the ‘B#100’ bloomed with its almost solid red color, it quickly became the clone of choice in hybridizing.

In spring 1998, P. Brother Wildcat (Super Stupid x Brother Delight) received an Award of Quality. It is perhaps the most exceptional of the P. Brother Delight offspring. The flowers of P. Brother Wildcat are generally white with varying amounts of amethyst spotting and blotching, often much more concentrated centrally. The breeding here is very intense linebreeding: P. Paifang’s Queen is a parent of every one of the grandparents. Moreover, P. Golden Peoker appears twice as a great-grandparent and P. Misty Green (parent of P. Golden Peoker) appears once as a great-grandparent.

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